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In 3 months, become the leader you
dream of being!

A unique program that makes the difference

  • Becoming Leader helps leaders to grow and to make their teams and organisations grow.

  • Becoming Leader is built step by step through tailor-made training and coaching.

  • Becoming Leader offers a leadership development experience exploring three different levels of the organisation: the individual level, the team level and the organisational level.

  • Becoming Leader goes beyond simple training because the team of experienced trainers accompanies leaders in their field and in their organisational contexts with the aim of truly anchoring the best practices of each leader it accompanies in order to make it possible for them to achieve their desired performance.

The Becoming Leader method

  • Tailor-made support between workshops to guide you in putting it into practice in your professional setting.

  • A dynamic test of motivation, assertiveness and adaptability as well as an in-depth debriefing with an expert Profil'Inc.

  • We co-create with you a network of professional resources for the exchange and sharing of good practices.


  • Helping leaders to grow their teams and organisations. To this end, Becoming Leader offers various services related to this mission.

  • The support packages offered can be adapted to the specific needs of each organisation.

  • The four founding members of the Becoming Leader team have the expertise to offer their clients quality coaching. Here are some examples of the services offered: 

    • One-day training courses on topics such as: time management, stress management, emotional management, change management... 

    • Coaching and individual support,

    • Leader and/or team coaching for 3 to 6 months,

    • Mentoring,

    • Conferences, etc.

For more information on the services offered by Becoming Leader, click here.


  • A team of 4 experienced trainers accompanies the participants throughout the programme.

  • Together, the four trainers have more than 75 years of experience in management and leadership. They put their experience at the service of the participants throughout the programme. Click on their names to find out more about them.

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