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Samira Blanjean

Professional coach and potential catalyst

Professional coach, PCC certified by the International Coaching Federation, I have worked for more than 20 years for national and multinational companies.

With a degree in communication and marketing, I started my career as a journalist in Brussels, then I reoriented myself and worked as a purchaser within a European group. Afterwards, I was Marketing Manager for an American company, then Sales Manager and internal coach.

As a manager, I have been in charge of various profiles. This gave me a taste for coaching and today I am specialised in coaching people who wish to change their professional orientation, develop new talents or boost existing skills.

I also coach people who take on new responsibilities, who want to start a new activity, who want to balance work and private life...

I trained in coaching by following a certified program of the International Coaching Federation. I am also accredited in Somatic Coaching, Movement Coaching, Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), certified in Emotional Intelligence (EIP3) in Systemic Coaching and Constellations as well as in neuroscience applied to coaching.

Become who you want to be!

“I coach people in transition to set themselves in motion to achieve their goals, respecting their individuality, with compassion and empathy.”

Spectacle d'aviation


Inspiring and impacting others

The difference between a Manager and a Leader is that the first focuses on the operational, the day-2-day, while the second is responsible for the vision, the strategy and takes his teams where no one has ever dreamed of going before. How do you move from being a manager to being a leader? Coaching is the ideal tool for doing this because it helps you to learn about yourself, to develop your strengths and to be aware of your points of attention and those of your co-workers and to boost them. To be a Leader is to be the vector of change for you and your teams. It also means being aware of the strengths and potential developments of those around you and giving them the opportunity to grow at their own pace.


Yes, I can!

"I'm never gonna make it," "I'm not capable", "I was born with two left hands", "I'm good at nothing", etc. Who has never heard, thought or clearly expressed any of these sentences? But self-confidence is a question of ability, of beliefs. Anyone who has reached adulthood has had self-confidence at least once in his or her life. The role of the coach is to make you aware of this, to support you in assessing your skills, your talents, whether they are known and/or hidden, and to help you develop them as well as to activate others. How can we do this? Through exercises, simulations, role-playing... which you will be able to put into practice at the end of your coaching session!

Croissance des entreprises
Design créatif

Communicate effectively

Dare to dare !

You're stressing out because you have to speak in public? You don't dare to say things to your colleagues, which leads to a lot of misunderstandings? Your colleagues never do what you expect of them because you don't dare to ask them what you really need? Or you don't dare to say no? All these situations and many others related to communication, or rather to a lack of communication, can be resolved through coaching!

How can it be done? By getting to know yourself, daring to communicate your feelings, expressing your emotions at the right time, developing your assertiveness. Thanks to role-playing, concrete exercises and practice in relation to your situation, blockages will be removed and you will be able to communicate in harmony with those around you, whether professional or private. Why don't you give your communication a boost?

Team management

Improve your relationships

Do you sometimes feel like you are speaking in a vacuum? To be alone at the helm? That nobody listens to you? That you try to boost unmotivated people? Even that no one realizes the stakes? The role of team leader is a difficult role. Stuck between the demands of top management and the needs of your employees, you navigate on sight... What if there was a way to meet some and satisfy others? Coaching is the ideal tool to achieve this! Indeed, it will allow you to become aware of your role, to learn who you are as a Manager. And also to know your limits as well as those of your collaborators. By respecting yourself and putting everyone's expectations in their rightful place, you will be able to put in place strategies and action plans that will bring you the results and success you want.

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