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Potential catalyst

“Coaching someone means unleashing his potential to maximize his performance. It's about helping him learn rather than teaching him.” 

             Sir John Whitmore




Do you want to give your career a new direction and don't know how to proceed? Are you just coming out of a burn out and want to work differently to ensure that you are not falling back in again? You have a new job and want to develop your skills and learn new ones? Career coaching is the key to your new professional life.


You are a Manager or HR and you want to improve communication and dialogue between employees and management. Developing your business is your priority and you are looking for ways to prevent / resolve conflicts effectively, to increase motivation, to empower people... Team coaching is the most effective way to achieve this!


Are you looking to develop the leadership of your managers and team leaders, to give them the essential tools to manage a team, to develop their talents as well as those of their co-workers or to enable them to strengthen their ability to communicate with others, their assertiveness? Coaching and training combined will bring you quick and efficient results.


Do you want to learn about yourself, improve your relationships with others, communicate more effectively, manage your stress, develop new skills, balance your private and professional life, remove obstacles, rediscover the meaning of life...? coaching is the ideal tool to achieve this while respecting your values, at your own pace and in a supportive manner.



I am Samira Blanjean, a PCC certified coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have worked for more than 20 years in national and international companies where I held various executive and managerial positions. Today, I put my experience of the corporate world and my knowledge in personal development at the service of people who want to boost their potential and acquire new talents, both professionally and privately.

I am also committed to defending the profession of professional coach. That is why I was President of the Belgian Chapter of the ICF for 3 years and active in the Board during 5 years. Together with other volunteers we have set up a whole series of initiatives to make known the added value of working with an ICF certified professional coach. Today, as an ambassador for ICF Belgium, I coordinate the Dutch-language version of the Coach Start-up Program, which helps young professional coaches to launch their careers.



K.A., London

My coaching experience with Boost Your Potential has been very rewarding and intense. Without even realizing it, it allowed me to do a real work of introspection. I was able to understand what was preventing me from moving to the next levels of my career. I highly recommend it.

M-E.A, Wavre

Challenging! Samira has the gift of pointing where it counts, of asking the right questions. She pushes us to bring out the best in ourselves and this has a miraculous effect on the mind and self-confidence. My coaching experience with her has definitely given a new impetus to my daily life, with positive repercussions in both professional and private settings.

C.M., Liège

Patience, listening and positive outlook throughout the coaching journey. Thank you!

Anonymous, Grenoble

An experience focused on listening and putting things in motion.

R.L., Braine-L'Alleud

The coaching sessions allowed me to approach my work and responsibilities differently, to improve my quality of life while continuing to respect my commitments and reach my goals.

P.L., Sion

Samira proceeds with a very professional approach (...). She has a great capacity to listen actively, to make needs emerge. All this is done smoothly and with humor.

SC, Brussels

My coaching allowed me to ask myself the right questions and above all to review the right priorities in my life. My wishes and dreams have become reality. I had the courage to take the plunge and I feel much more fulfilled.

ML, Lille

The path I took is different from the one I would have naturally imagined/chosen, I like my comfort zone, but the destination is the right one. Samira has been able to "push" me to become aware of the things that are important to me. Some of the tools that were shared allowed me to quickly take action to feel more serene and legitimate in my job. I am confident that the tools I have not yet used are not lost and will still be useful to me at different moments in my career.​

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