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Coaching in motion

What if your coaching session was more effective and changes were faster?

Often, when you decide to change something, you want the changes to happen immediately. This is true for a diet, buying a new car, booking a city-trip... And traditional coaching is no exception to the rule, even if the desired changes sometimes take a long time. There is, however, a way to experience change more quickly! This way is to opt for a coaching session in motion.

Coaching that combines body and mind

In a traditional coaching session, you and your coach sit face to face and you communicate by looking at each other face to face. Your coach, as long as he or she has completed a certified and recognized training (ICF or EMCC), will ask you powerful questions that will lead you to reflect deeply on yourself, your ways of doing things and to consider paths you would never have thought of all by yourself. It will also challenge you, take you out of your comfort zone, which is the only way to make a fundamental change.

And how is a motion coaching session different? The coach accredited in this particular method will propose exercises and scenarios that will use the body in motion, intuition and body expression of emotions and feelings. This method allows you to go further and faster because it integrates the body into your thinking. You do not remain only in the mind, in the intellectualization of your problematic situation.

Practically, what will it bring you?

A concrete example to visualize what it is all about? Imagine that you are stuck in a situation. You can choose to talk about it for hours. Or you can accept the scenario proposed by your motion coach. The goal of the proposed exercise will be to make you feel your blockage in your body. Once felt, you will have only one desire: you will get rid of this unpleasant sensation as much as possible and find a solution.

The possible options will come to you more quickly and above all you will feel in your body and head that it is THE key to your problem when it presents itself to you. Motion coaching is effective because it connects the body and mind for a change in total harmony. It allows you to become aware more quickly of your brakes, your blockages and especially to move more quickly towards the situation that suits you best.

A crazy technique without foundations?

Movement coaching is far from being the latest fashionable technique. The precursor of this technique is the Chilean Julio Ollala who created his school of ontological coaching in the early 1990s. Ontological coaching has since become very widespread in Latin America. In Europe, it is the ICF certified coach Josette Lépine who launched the movement in the early 2000s by creating her School of Somatic Coaching. Since then, neurosciences have scientifically demonstrated the concept of neuronal plasticity or neuroplasticity which was what Ollala and Lépine had already discovered by observing their coachees.

Personally, I trained in Somatic Coaching in 2015 and I have been accredited to this methodology since 2017. Practicing coaching in motion was a revelation when I experienced it at the beginning of my learning process. And since I have been using motion coaching with my coachees, they are all unanimous about this method: they move faster towards the desired change while being perfectly aligned with who they are.

Interested, want to know more about this proven and effective method? Contact me without obligation by e-mail or on 0032 478 664 721.

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